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Botany Orthodontics takes an innovative approach to patient care that puts their needs first and their fears at ease. We provide healthy, happy smiles one patient at a time and it is our mission to provide compassionate specialist orthodontic care to patients of all ages. Our team is fully trained and we have the experience to make our patients smile with confidence.  

About Us
Coreen Loke Specialist Orthodontist
Dr. Coreen Loke

BDS (Otago), DClinDent (Orthodontics)

Coreen Loke is a certified orthodontic specialist and prides on providing personalised orthodontic care and experience her patients need. Coreen founded Botany Orthodontics with the goal of expert specialty care to every patient and to provide them with the best smile possible. Every member of her team is standing by to ensure your needs are met and your smile is our top priority.

Born in Kuala Lumpur, Coreen moved to New Zealand in 2000 to pursue her dream of becoming an orthodontic specialist and help as many people as possible feel confident with their smile. She studied at the University of Otago and earned her BDS (with honours) and DClinDent in Orthodontics. Coreen’s passion and commitment show in everything she does and every new smile she creates.

Clinically, Coreen adopts an evidence-based approach to orthodontics, ensuring that the recommended treatment options have been proven scientifically to be the best course of action that can save her patients both time and money. She is multi-lingual and can communicate in some Malay, Cantonese and Mandarin, if needed.

Coreen’s natural ability to instill trust in her patients instantly relieves their anxiety and comforts even the most apprehensive of patient. She takes the time to explain each procedure and to help her patients to better understand their treatment plan from start to finish. By educating her patients, Coreen has found that treatments progress smoothly and that makes everyone happier.

Coreen is a published author with several articles in internationally acclaimed journals. She is certified with the Australasian Orthodontic Board and is also a member of the NZ Association of Orthodontists, NZ Dental Association, World Federation of Orthodontists, and an international member of the American Association of Orthodontists.

Our Services

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New Patient

(what to expect)

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The orthodontist will examine the teeth, jaws and bite and advise you of your treatment options.

The fee for  initial consultation is  $150 (30 minutes). 


If full diagnostic records (Step 2) is taken on the same day as the initial consultation, the total fee is $400.



Teeth has memory so they tend to want to move back to where they were. Retainers are either fixed wires or removable plates to help keep the teeth in their new position.

Step 2: Diagnostic Records


Photographs and 2 x-rays are required for a definitive treatment plan. You will receive a report via email within 5- 10 business days confirming the treatment plan and payment options. 


The fee for the diagnostic records is $350 (30 minutes). 


A $100 discount would be applied if Initial consultation and diagnostic records are done at the same appointment (if time allows). The total after discount is $400.

Step 3: Placement of braces

We offer different types of braces and customised appliances. Depending on what you need, the procedures may vary. However in most cases, approximately an hour appointment is required for the placement of braces including instructions on proper care of your teeth with braces. You will have to come in for adjustment of the appliances every 4-6 weeks until the treatment goal is achieved.

Step 4: Removal of braces


Approximately an hour and a half appointment is required. The braces and the adhesive on the teeth will be removed thoroughly and you'll be given fixed/removable retainers. Updated records will also be taken and you'll be given your before and after pictures.



Your investment in orthodontic treatment will bring lifelong rewards. As all orthodontic problems are different, fees will vary with the complexity of the case.


A full consultation and diagnostic records are required before we can quote the treatment fee. We offer interest free instalment payment plans. A 30-35% deposit would be required of a given set treatment fee, and $250-$300 paid as automatic monthly payments.  


Comprehensive orthodontic treatment: We offer discounts for full upfront payments, multiple child/sibling discounts and interest free payment plans with monthly instalments.

Payment plans are not available for early orthodontic treatment, however, let us know if you need one and we might be able to help. 

Other appliances


Not everyone has the same problems with their teeth and therefore the treatment is customised to the individual's requirement. There are a variety of appliances that we use to treat different problems. You will always be fully informed on the procedures, costs and care involved.



Click above for more information regarding orthodontic treatment, what to do when your braces break and foods to avoid while having braces.

Step 5: After care/Follow up


Botany Orthodontics offers free 18 months follow up after treatment.

Referral form


We welcome online referrals from other dental professionals - please click HERE.

Although your general dentist or dental therapist may refer you for orthodontic treatment, it is not necessary as you can also self-refer to see us.

Early Treatment & Space Maintainers

Some cases benefit from early orthodontic treatment, before all the adult teeth are through. 

Colour Galore

We use coloured rubber rings with low profile metal braces. There's a wide range of colours to choose from, take your pick! The coloured rings are changed at every adjustment visits.


Crooked teeth


Before and Afters
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