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New Patient

(what to expect)

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The orthodontist will examine the teeth, jaws and bite and advise you of your treatment options.  

The fee for  initial consultation is  $150 (30 minutes).


If full diagnostic records (Step 2) is taken on the same day as the initial consultation, the total fee is $400.



Teeth has memory so they tend to want to move back to where they were. Retainers are either fixed wires or removable plates to help keep the teeth in their new position.

Step 2: Diagnostic Records


Photographs and 2 x-rays are required for a definitive treatment plan. You will receive a report via email within 5- 10 business days confirming the treatment plan and payment options. 


The fee for the diagnostic records is $350 (30 minutes).


A $100 discount would be applied if Initial consultation and diagnostic records are done at the same appointment (if time allows). The total after discount is $400.

Step 3: Placement of braces

We offer many different types of braces and customised appliances. Depending on what you need, the procedures may vary. However in most cases, approximately an hour appointment is required for the placement of braces including a talk on instructions on caring for the teeth with braces.

You will have to come in for your adjustment appointments every 4-6 weeks until the treatment goal is achieved.



Your investment in orthodontic treatment will bring lifelong rewards. As all orthodontic problems are different, fees vary with the complexity of the case. Once a treatment plan is confirmed, we will advise you the fee and available payment plans. Typically a deposit of 30-35% of a set treatment fee plan is required to start treatment, followed by a $250-300 automatic payment every month.


Comprehensive orthodontic treatment: We offer discounts for full upfront payments, multiple child/sibling discounts and interest free payment plans with monthly instalments.

Payment plans are not available for early orthodontic treatment, however, let us know if you require one and we might be able to help. 

Other appliances


Not everyone has the same problems with their teeth and therefore the treatment is customised to the individual's requirement. There are a variety of appliances that we use to treat different problems. You will always be fully informed on the procedures, costs and care involved.

Step 4: Removal of braces


Approximately an hour and a half appointment is required. The braces and adhesive on the teeth will be removed thoroughly and you'll be given fixed/removable retainers. Updated x-rays, photos will also be taken.

Step 5: After care/Follow up


Botany Orthodontics offers free 18 months follow up after treatment.



For more information regarding orthodontic treatment, what to do when your braces break and foods to avoid while having braces.



While your general dentist may refer you for orthodontic treatment, it is not necessary as many others self-refer themselves.

We welcome online referrals (please click here)

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